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Our AI categorizes billions of domains daily. We catch 76% more threats than competitors, and we catch them 5 days faster.
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AI Powered Domain & URL Data For OEMs, AdTech, SaaS Security, and Content Filtering Solutions

Our doman intelligence tools have categorized more than 380 million websites, and re-scan the web every 5 days. No other feed detects and categorizes new sites faster. No other feed using image and logo scanning technology to detect fresh scams and malware images. Our data powers web filtering, endpoint protection, rich ad targeting, and contextual safety for millions of users around the world.

How Webshrinker works

Webshrinker scans, aggregates, and categorizes billions of domains every day using artificial intelligence. We then validate our site categorizations using human intelligence.

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Raw data is collected from domains around the world
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5 billion events per day are cleaned and categorized
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Machine learning algorithms process the large data sets
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New information is pushed out to customers via API or database update

Webshrinker Use Cases

  • Domain Intelligence
  • Threat Data
  • Parental Controls
  • Brand Safety
  • Web Filtering
  • Next generation firewalls
  • Endpoint Security
  • Site Archiving
  • IAB Categorization for advertizers
  • Subscriber Analytics
  • Fraud prevention
  • List of malicious websites
Our Customers

We work with organizations across a variety of industries to help catalog existing websites and identify and categorize new sites as they are created.

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Service Providers
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Why Webshrinker

We offer the fastest domain categorization product on the market. We don’t rely on static threat feeds or self-reporting to categorize threats. Instead we use proprietary AI to constantly scan the entire internet, including newly registered domains. We categorize sites on average 5.7 days faster than competitors, and 47% of the threats we identify, including malware, ransomware, botnets, and other malicious images and sites, are never categorized correctly by our competitors.
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