All About Webshrinker

Webshrinker was founded in 2012 with the goal of website cataloging, including screenshot-as-a-service and domain categorization.

How did we get started?

Webshrinker began in 2012 as a screenshot-as-a-service company dedicated to generating website screenshots at scale. The company was started by Adam Spotton and quickly grew.

By 2015, Webshrinker’s domain categorization became the driving feature of the product, as there was a need for accurate website classification. It was around this time DNS security company DNSFilter became a Webshrinker customer, as they sought bleeding edge Machine Learning technology that could categorize large numbers of domains for its growing portfolio of users.

Joining DNSFilter

In 2018, Webshrinker was acquired by DNSFilter, a domain-based threat protection startup, and integrated into their primary product to provide greater protection for DNSFilter’s endusers against zero-day threats.

Today, we are one team under the DNSFilter brand and are working together to create the most advanced and up-to-date domain data and intelligence platform in the industry.