Hardening DevSecOps with Domain Data Security and CircleCI
Fikayo Adepoju
December 1, 2021

How can our AI Webshrinker tool, be involved in the DecSecOps process? Our technical writer, Fikayo Adepoju explores this topic and gives us insight on his experiment.

How to get website information using the Domain API
Adam Spotton
May 4, 2017

Recently we launched a new offering called the Domain API which allows you to easily get data about websites and their subdomains. With one simple query you can get information about the requested domain, including: Primary Categories Primary language used on that domain IP addresses of the hosting servers Known subdomains Today, we are bringing…

How to create website screenshots using Screenshot API
Adam Spotton
January 30, 2017

A step by step guide on how to create screenshots of the websites by using Website screenshots API.

How to categorize websites using Categorization API
Adam Spotton
January 24, 2017

Website categorization can be used in many ways. Maybe you are building an online directory, analyzing a large list of websites for behavior analysis, looking to filter your network traffic or categorizing ads on your platform. In each of these scenarios, you need a reliable URL categorization partner.