Network Security

NETGEAR Orbi Security: Inadequacies of Domain Classification and Parental Controls on Mesh Router Systems Part 3
Mikey Pruitt
October 11, 2021

We're still testing mesh WiFi routers. In this article, we breakdown our analysis of NETGEAR Orbi's security categories and parental controls. Here's what we discovered about NETGEAR Orbi security.

Plume Router Security Review: Inadequacies of Domain Classification & Parental Controls on Mesh Router Systems Part 2
Mikey Pruitt
September 28, 2021

Our mesh router system comparison series continues. Our first review is Plume router. Check out how they security and content filtering stacks up against Webshrinker.

Importance of using URL Filtering
Adam Spotton
December 16, 2016

The Internet has quickly become one the most important parts of our lives. It’s also constantly growing with more devices and websites being added each day (not even counting IoT devices.) Along with this exponential growth, the potential online threats are also increasing.

Improving Network Security through URL Web Filtering
Adam Spotton
November 9, 2016

When you hear about web filtering, some of the first thoughts that come to mind may be “The website you are visiting has been blocked due to company policy” or “The category for that site has been blocked by the school administrator.” While many businesses and schools use URL web filtering solutions to increase employee…