Explore the power of Web Shrinker API services with our tech demo

Explore the power of Web Shrinker API services with our tech demo

We have multiple API services, including: website categorization, browser screenshots, and domain information. Have you ever wanted to visually see the extent of data contained in our API services? Following our recent release for the Website Categorization API, and the ability to categorize using the IAB categories, we came up with a plan to do just that!

We created a simple, easy to use web directory using the data from our own APIs. Now you can explore data from our categorization, screenshots, and domain information APIs in one single web tool. We are giving you a glimpse of the vast amount of data that we are collecting and updating on a continuous basis.

The websites contained in the demo web directory were selected based on their popularity and their overall category score. The “score” is one of the data points we expose via the category API which indicates how “confident” our AI is about the category assignment.

The API Tech Demo is a tool which allows you to:

  • Check websites that belong to specific Tier-1 IAB categories
  • Check websites that belong to specific Tier-2 IAB categories
  • Check competition: view similar sites in a given IAB category
  • View a screenshot of the site, as it looked in an actual browser running at 1280×1024 resolution
  • View associated sub-domain names and server IP addresses used for hosting

Tech Demo Overview

Browse websites belonging to specific IAB categories

On the main page of the tool, you can see a list of the IAB categories that we included in the tech demo. From there, you can easily drill down to check websites belonging to any specific category.

Check websites that belong to a specific IAB Tier-1 or Tier-2 category

After navigating into a specific Tier-1 category you will see a list of websites that belong to that category on the right side of the screen. To drill down even more, you can use filter field on top of the list or click on any of the Tier-2 / sub-level categories.

View more information for a specific domain

For each of the domains on the list, you can see following information.

  • Domain URL and description – Using the Domain Information API you can see the domain name for each of the entry, together with their meta description
  • IAB categories – Using the Categorization API and based on the category score for each page of the website, we calculated main IAB categories for entire domain
  • Known IP addresses – For each domain we store the IP addresses they use for hosting. This can can be helpful for things like shared hosting detection, or if the IP is a known bad address, etc.
  • Known Subdomains – Our crawlers also record any subdomains seen. These two features are available through Domain Information API.
  • Screenshot – Using our Screenshots API, you can see the most recent version of the website and how it looks inside of a real web browser.

All of the information displayed for these websites comes from our own API services. And yes, you can have access to a lot more information and websites by using our APIs directly.

Please note that we are limiting the number of known IP addresses and subdomains to a maximum of 5 in this tech demo.

Adam Spotton
March 14, 2017
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