mask screenshots taken from adult websites

New – Mask Screenshots Taken from “Adult” Websites

Today we are releasing a new feature for our website screenshots service – the ability to pixelate images captured from sites categorized as “adult.”

To use this feature, simply pass the option “hideadult=1” with your screenshot API calls. This will automatically mask images for any URL or domain name if it’s categorized as having “adult” content.

Here is an example screenshot of, with and without pixelation. If were categorized as an adult site, the pixelated image would be used instead of the normal image when this option is enabled.

Pixelated Screenshot
Pixelated Screenshot
Normal Screenshot
Normal Screenshot

This feature is a great addition to our website screenshot service. It greatly lowers the risk of displaying offensive or objectionable images to your end users. We look forward to seeing it put to good use in your projects!

Adam Spotton
March 11, 2017
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