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Will the real Netflix please stand up?

So many Netflix logins! But which one is the real one? 

Malicious hackers come up with different logins every day to try and fool you. All of these logins look so similar that most users wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. So… which one did you choose?

If you chose the bottom-right login, you’re correct! This is the only Netflix page you should be logging into. The other 3 are the malicious threats that hackers have made to try and trick you into either giving them your personal login information or a way to get the credit card you use on the account.

You wouldn’t need to worry about this if you had the right PDNS provider to work for you. Need help on choosing one?

Download the DNSFilter Enterprise Benchmark Report today! This will work as a guide to help you choose the right protective DNS provider for your organization. 

Stay safe out there friends!

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