Offline Database

Locally hosted domain categorization database

Our offline database is perfect for customers who require a local option for domain categorization. Typical use cases include hardware/product integrations, custom applications or internal use at an Enterprise organization with high request volume



In addition to flexible pricing options for production uses, we offer affordable pricing for startups or organizations looking to prototype or bring a product.

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Offline Database Features

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Billions of websites, organized
Using advanced machine learning, we categorize billions of web pages, keeping the categorization database one of the most accurate in the industry.
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Wide Range of Applications
Our domain categorization allows you to easily provide services such as internet filtering, subscriber analytics, advertising networks, and fraud prevention.
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Data Firehose
Need access to the raw data stream of everything as its being categorized? We provide a real-time data firehose via HTTP, Amazon S3, or Amazon SQS.
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Developer-friendly Responses
Every API response is returned as JSON, which can be easily read and implemented into your product.
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Easily Block Threats and/or Inappropriate Content
You can easily block bad content within your application, appliance or company network. Simply query our API with the requested URL and reject if the category is not part of your “approved” list.
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Top Tier Support
Your happiness is our success. Our support team is comprised of real engineers, here to help with any challenge or need.
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Advanced Algorithms
Our technology categorizes content found on URLs, as well as entire websites and IP addresses – perfect for security devices that may not have access to the full URL.
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Always Up to Date
Our web crawlers are constantly visiting and classifying new and existing websites, providing real-time results and keeping the database always up to date.

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Infinitely Scalable
Running on Amazon Web Services, our APIs are easily scalable to support your growth today and tomorrow.

Available Formats

The Webshrinker database is typically provided in JSON format, and updates are able to be downloaded directly from Amazon S3 as JSON files as often as desired.

    "_id": "ceb243bac6752229b65acc3d0443d7bb7306343d5818d4c1bb9f681f9dec2df7",
    "categories": [

Alternative delivery methods include an HTTPs URL callback, or immediate delivery to an Amazon SQS of your choice. These incremental updates may be applied via the database back end of your choosing, with most customers importing into MongoDB, Postgres or MySQL.

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