Offline Database Pricing

Annual pricing for access to Webshrinker’s proprietary database

Do you need a local option for domain categorization? Webshrinker’s offline database should fit your needs. The typical use cases include hardware/product integrations, custom applications, and internal use for enterprise organizations that have high request volume.

We offer flexible pricing options. Book a demo with us or request more information.

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For Startups or Product Prototypes
Annual Contract Required
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For Production use or live/revenue generating products
Price Varies
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Product Highlights

Loaded with features - perfect for use in high volume or custom applications

Powered by Big Data

Using a combination of advanced machine learning and human training, we categorize billions of web pages, maintaining one of the largest databases in the industry.

dns filtering for msps
Real-Time Streaming Updates

As our crawlers analyze both new and existing websites, we push out hundreds of times per minute – providing you with real-time results and ensuring your data is always up to date.

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Full API Integration

Easily integrate the offline database with our APIs in order to leverage our artificial intelligence and categorize newly seen domains in real-time.

dnsfilter optimizations
Flexible Delivery Options

Data is provided in JSON format, which can be easily read and integrated into your project. Download updates from S3, implement URL callbacks, or even get immediate delivery to the Amazon SQS of your choice!

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