Add domain categorization & threat data to your product with ease

The Webshrinker database integrates easily into your product

We offer an offline database (updated daily) or an API feed (updated continuously) to help your product better categorize the web.

Easy to Integrate

If you operate a product or service, it’s easy to integrate Webshrinker APIs or feeds to enhance your offering. In no time, you can be up and running with our offline category feed capable of supporting large-scale applications requiring instant response. Or, use one of our APIs to leverage our Artificial Intelligence, ensuring that your data remains updated real time..
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Developer Friendly Responses

Every API response is returned as JSON, which can be easily read and implemented into any product or application.

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Customize With Ease

Our live sandbox and powerful query builder can help you create the perfect API call to fit your product or application needs.
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Data Firehose

Need access to the raw data stream of everything as its being categorized? We provide a real-time data firehose via HTTP, Amazon S3, or Amazon SQS.

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