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The Webshrinker Top Domains List is a list of the most-visited domains on the DNSFilter network. Webshrinker is a DNSFilter product, and it’s what powers DNSFilter’s threat blocking and content classification capabilities. The DNSFilter network is primarily comprised of businesses, so our Webshrinker Top Domains list is a list of the top 250,000 domains trafficked by businesses. This list is updated monthly to ensure we provide you with the most up-to-date data. It is also audited to exclude any well-trafficked phishing or otherwise deceptive sites.

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How is this list different from alexa.com?

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After 25 years, the alexa.com site will be officially retired on May 1, 2022 (read more on this update here) without a clear reason for the shutdown of this service. APIs of the service will be discontinued by the end of the year, December 15, 2022.

The alexa.com domain list has been around since 1996 and was previously freely available prior to Amazon purchasing the list. Their list was valuable to marketers and researchers in particular.

The list was originally sourced via a toolbar extension that was able to track which sites were visited. More recently, the list has been sourced from proprietary Amazon sources that measure unique pageviews on a rolling 3-month basis. alexa.com also acknowledged that “There are limits to statistics based on the data available. Sites with relatively low measured traffic will not be accurately ranked by alexa.com. We do not receive enough data from our sources to make rankings beyond 100,000 statistically meaningful.”Our Webshrinker Top Domains List is sourced from DNSFilter network traffic. We examine the number of DNS queries to a particular domain on our network and give it a ranking based on those DNS queries. Our list is comprised of 250,000 domains.Because of how we source our top websites list, and because our customers are made up of professional organizations, our list is significantly different than alexa.com. Though we do provide a similar service.

How to use this list


This list is useful to marketers interested in understanding the competitive landscape of their business or their customers. It also provides insight into valuable sites for ad placements.


If you want to understand how certain websites are trafficked by businesses for research purposes, the Webshrinker Top Domains List will allow you to dive into those learnings.

Allow List

To ensure that top sites are never excluded from any public block lists you might be using, you can apply our Webshrinker Top Domains List as a safeguard. This way, you can avoid blocking major websites without managing a list on your own.

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